The construction industry is full of conflicts and dispute. This is not surprising given the vast number of trades involved in the construction chain(and many more connected with them), and the complexity, constraints and limitations involved in or affecting the construction works. Too often, construction claims are a result of entrenched positions, lack of communication, clashes of ego and mismanagement of various issues in construction contracts. More and more of these conflicts and claims ended up in Courts or alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) processes, and as a result, more and more money are being spent on either litigation or ADR process. These could be avoided with better management skills or properly designed mechanism.
The Construction Claims & ADR Conference 2021 has assembled a line of distinguished moderators and speakers to discuss and share with our audience their views on various recent and interesting topics affecting the construction industry. 

Date : 23rd July 2021

Time: 9am – 9pm (MY Time / GMT +8)

Registration Fee: RM 100

AIADR's Involvement

Speaker : 
AIADR’s President, Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo speaking on the topic  “Pay or Argue Now? A major impediment to successful statutory adjudication”
Dr. Christopher To, Ms. Tan Swee Im, Mr Christopher Chuah, and Mr Choo Hon Leng
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