Newsletter - ADR Centurion – Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to ADR Centurion – Volume 1, Issue 1 of ADR Centurion Newsletter.

The ADR Centurion is the Bimonthly Newsletter of AIADR published six times per year by the Editorial Committee of AIADR for the members of the AIADR (the “Institute”) and general readers interested in ADR subject and practices.

Opinions and views expressed in the ADR Centurion are solely of the authors and writers and are not necessarily endorsed by AIADR or its Editorial Committee. AIADR, Editors and or its Committees are not responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for the contents and or to any person for relying on the contents of any of the advertisements, articles, photographs or illustrations contained in this Publication. All information is correct at the time of publication.

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In Pursuit of Delivering Excellence in ADR - Message from the President

The Star is Born! The direction is set by the en-dorsement of 620 pioneer members who have joined the AIADR within the three months of the launch of the Institute. I am gratified to inform that most of our Fellows are the eminent arbitration, mediation and adjudication practitioners – the crème de la crème.

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Seven Distinctive Approaches to Education by AIADR - Dato' Quek Ngee Meng, Vice President

The Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution (AIADR)is the firstnot-for-profit member-based Asian Centre for ADR. The Institutewaslaunchedin early May 2018 by hisExcellencyProfDr.KennedyGastorn, Secretary General of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), Datuk Prof. Sundra Rajoo, President of the Council of the AIADR and myself as the Vice President of the Council.

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Fast Track Arbitration (Cheap, Quick, Why Not?) - by John Abbott

Arbitration has many advantages over litigation, but one of the fundamental tenets behind arbitration, namely the provision of a relatively inexpensive and quick means of resolving commer-cial and trade disputes, is increasingly called into question, particularly in low-er value disputes.

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Resolving Disputes is Spiritually Edifying - What Do You Say?

Making agreements to breach and then call it a dispute is human nature. There is nothing wrong in this for normal human beings. It is also a human nature to reconcile and resolve their differ-ences. When two parties create dispute and third independent party helps to resolve their dispute, it becomes a noble profession.

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Compliments by Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of the CRCICA

Compliments by Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of the CRCICA I would like to begin my contribution to this first Newsletter by thanking my dear friend Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo for his continuous efforts towards the rise of ADR, whether formerly as the director of the AIAC (former KLRCA) or now as a president of the AIADR.

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International Arbitration - The Arbitration Agreement by John Abbott

Quite simply and obviously, it is an agreement between two or more parties to have their disputes re-solved by arbitration.

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Message of Congratulations And Solidarity - From the Director and Chief Executive, RCICAL Lagos-Nigeria

The Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration-Lagos Nigeria (RCICAL) with utmost sense of deep con-viction and profound appreciation extends the Centre’s hearty congratulations in several folds to our sister Regional Arbitration Institution Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) formerly Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Kuala Lumpur (KLRCA) and unreservedly proclaim solidarity in this bold unique step and mission in the lunch and inauguration of the Asian Institute of Alternative Resolution (AIADR).

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Arbitration: The light Amidst the Thorn of Litigation - India’s Futuristic Vision for Global Amicable Settlement

The Indian Arbitration Act, 1996 encountered certain issues that brought novel nuances which some-times resulted in challenges to arbi-tral awards. In this context, the 2015 amendment is aimed to mitigate the flaws present in the former act, by ensuring quick enforcement of con-tracts, reducing the pendency of cases in courts and hastening the process of dispute resolution through oral hearing, arbitral award (to be made within 12 months), fast track mechanism (award to be made within 6 months).

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Congratulatory Message by the Secretary General, AALCO - H.E. Prof. Dr. Kennedy Gastorn

One of the manifest outcomes of globalization of law and legal practices has been the prominence and popularity of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes and institutions. The surge in international commercial disputes worldwide, including in the continents of Asia and Africa, and the associated need for methods of dispute settlement that are consensual, cost-effective, faster, flexible, neutral and specialized, has provided an impetus to the promi-nence and popularity of ADR. Therefore, the inception of a member-driven, not-for-profit institute which cultivates certified ADR professionals catering to the burgeoning ADR disputes in the region is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

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