Foundation in ADR and AIADR Entry Course Module-1

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AIADR Entry Course Module-1

This course provides an overview of the conflict management principles and dispute resolution forums for both domestic and international commercial transactions and trade related contracts. It covers introduction to AIADR, membership tracks, eligibility criteria and various alternative dispute resolution methods as an alternative to litigation in court. The course is developed for participants with limited or no prior legal qualification but with experience in projects and contracts management.

1.      Course Objectives:

The participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the principles of diversity of interests, conflicts, disputes, and resolution strategies.
  • Appreciate the interpretation of applicable law and dispute resolution clauses in contracts.
  • Evaluate the differences between various dispute resolution forums in context of nature of contracts and develop a methodology for resolving issues between parties.
  • Gain an understanding of arbitration process as an alternative to litigation in courts.
  • Understand the role of Model law of Arbitration, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and New York Convention for Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements and International Arbitral Awards.

2.      Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Course, the participants are expected to:

  1. Draft an applicable law and dispute resolution clause for a given contract.
  2. Develop an ability to implement ADR procedures before invoking a dispute resolution clause in a contract.
  3. Analyze different forums from cost-benefit perspectives.
  4. Explain possible options available to parties when faced with conflicts leading to disputes.
  5. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of arbitration in contrast with litigation in courts.
  6. Able to draft a notice of arbitration.
  7. Able to respond to a notice of arbitration and or request for ADR procedures.

3.      Profile of Participants

Fresh Law Graduates, Contracts Managers, Supply Chain Management Executives, Project Managers, Operations Managers & Executives, Inhouse Legal Counsel, Quantity Surveyors, Valuers, Services Providers and all others involved in negotiations and award of contracts and agreements. The course is industry neutral and is suitable for diverse range of industrial and commercial segments.

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