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The AIADR Journal of International ADR Forum (ISSN Number : 2773-5052), inaugurated in August 2020, stands as a quarterly scholarly publication orchestrated by the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution (AIADR). Its cardinal objective is to evolve into a distinguished “Repertoire of Global Jurisprudence,” offering a comprehensive exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This academic endeavor is enriched by the insightful contributions of independent ADR practitioners, esteemed academics, dedicated researchers, erudite scholars, and active participants in ADR Forums. Embracing originality as its hallmark, the journal rigorously evaluates submitted works through a blind peer review process, leveraging the expertise of a panel comprised of academia, distinguished practitioners, judiciary members, and acclaimed authors. In addition to original articles, the journal graciously welcomes voluntary commentaries and book reviews from commentators and institute members alike. Contributors, driven by a shared commitment to the Institute’s vision, collectively contribute to the journal’s mission of fostering a nuanced understanding of ADR practices on a global scale. Through this collaborative effort, the AIADR Journal emerges as a dynamic platform, dedicated to advancing the discourse, scholarship, and practice within the realm of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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