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One of the strategic Missions of AIADR is to Promote Cost Effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Forums.

In order to accomplish this Mission, AIADR offers the services for full spectrum of ADR Forums, including:

  1. Mediation
  2. Adjudication
  3. Expert Determination
  4. Expert Witness Services
  5. Arbitration
  6. Dispute Adjudication Board
  7. Dispute Resolution Board
  8. Mentorship Program

AIADR maintains a Panel of ADR Practitioners with background and experiences from diverse range of industries and commercial sectors. The parties seeking to appoint suitably qualified and internationally accredited ADR professional may visit the Panels of ADR Practitioners to search for and contact the suitable practitioners directly, for possible appointments. This is free of charge service to the society and to assist the parties in urgent need to commence one of the dispute resolution forums.

Procedural Rules

AIADR does not impose its procedural roles on the Parties unless requested. The Panellists of AIADR are from multiple jurisdictions, both with common law and civil law backgrounds. They will adopt the Applicable law and Procedural Rules as agreed between the Parties in their respective contracts.

In the absence of an agreement between the Parties on choice of law and or procedural rules, the appointed Panellist will determine such laws and rules as are most appropriate in context of the nature of the contract and background of the commercial relationships.

By default, AIADR recommends AIADR Ad Hoc Arbitration Rules 2021 for arbitration matters and AIADR Mediation Rules 2021 for mediation matters.

Appointment Services and Case Administration Services

AIADR also acts as an appointing authority for the parties seeking an independent, impartial and neutral appointing body.

AIADR can also act as the secretariat for administration of adjudication, arbitration and mediation matters.

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