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Request for Appointment Services

The parties seeking to nominate or appoint either party appointed arbitrator, sole arbitrator or chairman for both adhoc and institutional arbitrations can fast-forward the appointment and commencement process by seeking assistance from transparent AIADR Panel Appointment Services.

In case of adjudications where timeline is very short, wastage of time to reach an agreement for appointment of a sole adjudicator can be avoided. The parties by consent can avail of the independent, neutral and transparent appointment services of AIADR.

AIADR is in ideal position through its large diversified membership base and a Certified Panels of Practitioners to support such projects, by assigning or appointing DABs on behalf of the parties.

Please submit your request for appointment of Arbitrator / Adjudicator / Mediator here. (You will require a user account to submit this Request Form and payment of the fee. For first time user please create a new User Account, for free.)

Please feel free to submit your suggestions to or by filling the feedback form on this website.

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