Membership Segments

AIADR is the membership based Institute and its members are committed to the AIADR Mission, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics. The members of the Institute will determine the directions and future of the Institute.

The Institute as a membership organisation invites and welcomes all elite professionals from across the globe, to join as individuals or corporate organisations, from a broad range of industries and segments of the economy, with added qualifications, knowledge and experience in legal forums and dispute resolution practices.

In accordance with the AIADR Membership Regulations, the Applicants seeking to become members of the Institute must satisfy the prerequisites of membership set out in these Regulations.

The interested persons, institutions or body corporate shall be able to apply for or be awarded with membership of the Institute. As an individual, generally the applicant would have:

Benefits of Membership

The benefits for individual membership common to all classes of membership are:

In addition to the common benefits additional rights and privileges according to the Class of Individual Membership of AIADR, members shall enjoy different rights, benefits and privileges as prescribed in the Institute’s Constitution, Regulations and Rules of the Institute.

General Eligibility Criteria for All Grades of Membership

The following mandatory requirements are applicable for all grades of membership of the Institute:

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