Membership and Grades

Membership Segments

The following are the different classes of individual membership available at the Institute, with the corresponding Post-Nominal Letters conferred:

Classes of Individual Membership of AIADR

S/N Individual Membership Post-Nominals
1  Learner Members LAIADR
2Associate Members AAIADR
3 Members MAIADR
4Fellows FAIADR
5 Certified International Arbitrator
Certified International Mediator
Certified International Adjudicator
Certified International Expert
(Field of Expertise)
Certified Practitioner
CIE (Expertise), (FAIADR)
CArb / CAdj. / CMed. / CEx.
6 Honorary FellowsHon. FAIADR
7   Corporate MemberCM-AIADR (Ordinary) or (Gold) or (Diamond) or (Silver)

Members who are under the age of 45 may also chose to be registered as members of the Institute’s Young Members Group (YMG-AIADR).

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