Certified Practitioners / Certified International Practitioners

A person shall be eligible to apply for the accreditation by the Institute as a Certified International Practitioner, (those with experience only in their home State, will be conferred Certified Practitioner Title) after first being a Fellow of AIADR and then satisfying the Council to have met fully the criteria including but not limited to:

  1. satisfies the eligibility criteria as a Fellow of AIADR or has been a Fellow of the Institute or a Fellow of another international institute recognized by AIADR to be of equal standard and qualifications as for the Fellow of the Institute; and
  2. possesses Professional Qualifications, distinguished level of knowledge in alternative dispute resolution through either:
    1. successfully completing AIADR Module 5; or
    2. passing Recognised Courses equivalent to Module 5; and
  3. possessing relevant work experience in alternative dispute resolution of no less than twenty (20) years; and
  4. Has written at least 3 arbitral awards or 3 adjudication decisions or 5 settlement agreements or 5 expert witness reports respectively; and
  5. Passed the Interview of the Board of Certified Practitioners, appointed by the Council.

The fields of alternative dispute resolution for specialisation are:

  1. Arbitration;
  2. Mediation;
  3. Adjudication;
  4. Expert Witness and Expert Determination.

Depending on the field of expertise in alternative dispute resolution, the Institute grants the post-nominals

  1. Certified International Arbitrator;
  2. Certified International Mediator;
  3. Certified International Adjudicator; and
  4. Certified International Expert.

Any member of the Institute, who has been granted the use of two or more of the above post-nominals, may use the post-nominals as “Certified International ADR Practitioner.”

Exclusive Benefits for Certified Practitioners

The profile of the Certified Practitioners will be promoted on the AIADR Website and Panel of Practitioners for appointments by the parties.

A search engine algorithm will be accessible to the parties and law firms seeking or searching for suitable candidates for appointments.

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