About Us

Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (AIADR) was incorporated on 17 April 2018 as a Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. AIADR is the first not-for-profit member-based Asian Institution for the development and advancement of ADR forums.

AIADR is dedicated to promoting the practice of ADR through affordable and accessible education and development of the profession commencing from the Asian and African Continents and reaching out across the globe.

AIADR endeavors to spur the economic growth by avoiding or reducing disputes through creating awareness, networking among users of ADR services and practicing professionals. AIADR is the all-inclusive think-tank of the future for support the development of jurisprudence related to swift and private settlement of disputes.

AIADR as Champion of Future Growth

AIADR aims to serve as a platform for members in converging international practices, building capacity, and providing opportunities for all stakeholders of the economy in resolving disputes and seeing projects and investments through – with a initial focus on emerging Asian, African and Central & South American economies.

Unlike regional centric, national or historical institutions, often promoting domestic or protectionist agendas with little or no emphasis on developing and least developed economies, AIADR will bring these economies to the forefront through education and training, with due respect to respective cultural values of doing business and resolving consequential disputes.

AIADR will build bridges and eradicate disparities, typically overlooked or maintained by existing ADR related institutes and societies.

AIADR aims to accelerate the shift of commercial focus to the East, as Asia, Central Americas and Africa become the motors of world’s economic growth, with the added impetus by the Belt & Road Initiative which is set to connect Asia, Africa and parts of Europe through land and sea infrastructure development.


AIADR Offers:

  • Affordable and Accessible Education

    Tailor-made programmes to suit EAstern norms in resolving disputes and doing business, at international standards.

  • ADR Knowledge Database

    A database of information including newsletters, ADR news and knowledge resources pooling from our members and other sources with a focus on Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

  • Benchmarking Quality

    CPD Scheme for members to ensure younger members proactively engage with our training programmes, while experienced members pay-it-forward in the form of thought leadership, moulding the future of ADR across the emerging continents.

  • Panels of Certified Practitioners

    Our Panels of Certified ADR Practitioners will aid investors in resolving disputes and seeing investments through across the emerging economies of Asia, Africa and globally.

  • Credentialing Integrity

    Post-Nominal Letters signifying expertise and experience in ADR. Our Code of Professional Conduct will ensure quality and professionalism, overseen by our 12-Member Disciplinary Committee.

  • Inclusiveness

    Dedicated Committees to cater to all our stakeholders: including practitioners and non-practitioners (young and experienced) and students. There will be Special Committees for universities, arbitral institutions, policy makers, media, as well as corporations.

  • Career Counselling

    A platform for ADR employers, practitioners, non-practitioners and students to benefit from ADR employment opportunities across the continents.

  • Discounts

    Members will be given discounts on all AiADR training programmes, networking events, books, and other products and services offered by third parties.

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