Message from the President

You have come forward to support to the vision of the AIADR. The seed of a good tree is sown. It is time to start nurturing it so that it grows healthy for the benefit of the society worldwide to enjoy its good fruits in a matter of time.

Greetings. AIADR is making sure strides towards its goal. There have been a number of initiatives which I am pleased to share with you.

The first is the activation of various Committees to achieve our goal of being a member’s institute. Committee members have been appointed from across the world, members from jurisdictions like Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, UAE.

Our members have commenced their role as pioneer committee members of AIADR. I would urge other members who are interested to join and contribute to the Institute. It is your contribution which will ensure the growth of the Institute.

Given our Asian focus, we have provided a Satellite Office at Singapore for better coordination with members from the Asia Pacific. This office will do the day to day coordination and carry out various administrative functions including organising of events.

We are in search of a CEO who can be of any nationality. The CEO will be the person who will run the Institution and grow it under the supervision of the Council. New Council members from various are also being appointed to strengthen the Institute.

I am pleased to informed that we are receiving new applications for membership of AIADR from new candidates who are fellows and members of other international and national institutes.

The good news is that our first batch of Certified International Arbitrators and Practitioners will be released soon in the next Newsletter, which will make AIADR a source of expertise to help the users of ADR services with an independent and neutral resource of experienced professionals.

Please spread the word that we will be delighted to welcome new Corporate Members to join AIADR as Corporate Members. We work towards our goal.

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