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Dear members

I hope that you and your loved ones continue to be safe and healthy.

First and foremost, I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2021! Despite a very challenging 2020 which surely impacted us on a personal and professional level, I believe that we should always have faith and hope that a brand new year is like a brand new beginning of a cycle. As Thomas Carlyle once said, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”

On the Institute’s perspective, my belief that greater things shall come for us was not hinged on blind faith or empty dreams. If you had followed the Institute’s progress through the past few months (via email, social media accounts or joining our events), you would also have noticed that our activities had been ever increasing and hopefully have had some impacts or benefits to your professional journey in the realm of ADR.

Recent and upcoming initiatives

  • The Institute was formally inducted as one of the founding members of the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organisation (ICDPASO) based in China and an Advisory Council member. ICDPASO as an international organisation jointly set up by various stakeholders including legal service providers, the chambers of commerce, research institutions, universities and other stakeholders from around the world, is a true game changer. Its global outreach particularly along the Belt and Road Countries will create a holistic dispute prevention, management and resolution structure aimed at achieving the aim of business efficacy. I have strong belief that ICDPASO’s impact will be far reaching and will ensure that the benefit of the collaboration would be truly felt by our members.
  • With the rising use of mediation and arbitration which are now being statutorily imposed by many countries fighting the pandemic, we have recently launched our own initiatives to assist our members and community at large with the recent publication of the AIADR Mediation Rules and future publication of AIADR Ad Hoc Arbitration Rules 2020. Together with the virtual assistance scheme, it is hoped that this initiatives would spur the use of mediation and arbitration, and benefit our members in their professional works.
  • We have organised, collaborated with, or supported other organisations to deliver 6 webinars in the space of 5 months since August 2020 on topics of relevance to the ADR fraternity. We also organised a huge full day event entitled “COVID-19 Asian Mediation Forum” on 23 December 2020, bringing together multiple panellists from around the globe and broadcasted to our members and the ADR fraternity worldwide. We hope to be organising more events and welcome our members to reach out to us on collaboration for webinars on topics related to ADR.
  • We had launched our inaugural course for the Associate Entry Level Course Module 1 successfully in September 2020 with several graduates joining our Institute as Associate members. More courses and workshops are planned for the year 2021, starting with the ‘Mediation Course’ and I encourage members to join as participants or even as speakers for the courses.
  • We had launched our inaugural quarterly journal, the AIADR Journal of International ADR Forum in August 2020. Together with our bimonthly newsletter, we aim to share and update our members on the happenings of ADR globally while also be the platform for our members to express themselves through their writings. Currently, our newsletter is on its 9th issue while the Journal is on its 2nd issue. I hope more members would be interested to share their writings with us to be published on our mediums.
  • Our Working Committees are being set up to facilitate the growth of the Institute and to assist our members in their journey through the ADR forum. We would be honored if you would like to join one of the Committees by filling up the online form HERE.
  • We had recently shared with all our members a FREE copy of my Chinese translated textbook on arbitration entitled “ 仲裁的规则、 程序与实践 (Law, Practice and Procedure of Arbitration)”. The translated text was given free of charge so that the knowledge can be shared more widely with our Chinese speaking members and audience.

As our valued member, I hope that you would be willing to contribute to the Institute’s growth by participating actively in our initiatives such as being a Committee Member, publishing your articles on our newsletter and journal, or even reach out to us if you would like to co-organise a webinar on the ADR topic of your interest.

On a similar note, as a membership organisation fully funded by its members, the Institute relies exclusively on our members’ contributions in the form of membership fees. As such, we would be obliged if you would extend your support to the Institute by renewing your membership for the new 2021 term if you still have yet to do so. This would enable you to continue enjoying the benefits of membership including the use of post nominals letters and possession of the membership certificate.

You may log in to our website or click the links below for direct online payment to renew your membership. You could also get in touch with our Secretariat ( if you have any queries or in need of any assistance.

Once again, I hope that you would continue to support our Institute and together, we would strive to enhance the professional quality of the ADR fraternity.

Thank you and sincerely,

Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo
President of Council
Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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