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The Committees and Sub-Committees of AIADR (the “Institute”) are formed and regulated by the Governing Council (“GC”), in accordance with the Clause 103 to 105 of the Constitution, to support the GC for the governance and management of the Institute.

Permanent Committees of the Institute

There shall be seven (7) permanent committees and three (3) Sub-Committees, for the purpose and objectives as described herein for each committee. The GC may decide to add more committees or Sub-Committees as deemed necessary to manage the functional enhancement and development of the Institute. The Disciplinary Hearing Tribunal shall be appointed for each specific case, on adhoc basis till such time when the need for a permanent tribunal or disciplinary hearings committee, arises.

  1. Membership Development Committee (“MDC”)
  2. Professional Development & Education Committee (“PDEC”)
    • SC-1: Programs Sub-Committee
    • SC-2: Standards, Accreditation & Examination Sub-Committee (“SSAE”)
  3. Disputes Resolutions and Appointments Committee (“DRAC”)
  4. Events Development & Management Committee (“EDMC”)
  5. Marketing and Communications Committee (“MCC”)
    • SC-1: Editorial Sub-Committee (“ESC”)
    • SC-2: Internet & Web Content Management Sub-Committee
    • SC-3: Fund Raising and Promotions Sub-Committee
  6. Business Development & International Relations Committee (“BDIRC”)
  7. Audit Committee (“AC”)

Applications are invited from the Members and Fellows of the Institute to join the above committees by filling up the EOI here.

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