Training Courses

As an institute dedicated to promoting the practice of ADR and dispute prevention through affordable and accessible education and the development of the profession, AIADR offers a variety of  training courses. Our focus is on fostering growth starting from the Asian and African continents.

ADR Training Course

Unlock the art of conflict resolution with our ADR Training Courses. Designed for individuals seeking to master Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, these courses provide practical skills and theoretical foundations. Individuals who have completed the training courses will be eligible for professional membership with the Institute.

ESG & Law Training Course

Explore the dynamic intersection of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles with the legal landscape in our ESG & Law Training Course. Gain comprehensive insights into the evolving regulatory framework, sustainable business practices, and the legal implications of ESG factors.

Expert Witness Training Course

Dive into the world of expert testimony with our Expert Witness Training Course. This specialized program equips participants with the essential skills to serve as effective expert witnesses. From honing courtroom communication to mastering the intricacies of presenting expert opinions.

In-House ADR Workshop

Elevate your organization's conflict resolution capabilities with our In-House ADR Workshop. Tailored for your team, this workshop delves into Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategies, fostering a collaborative and efficient approach to handling disputes within your organization.

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