Membership Segments

Who is this for?

Senior ADR practitioners who have extensive experience and are interested in leading the Institute and the fraternity at large.

How to qualify?

Choose one of the routes below:

Satisfies all of these criteria:
  1. Satisfies the eligibility criteria as a Member of AIADR (not necessary to be a Member before application)
  2. Either one of these:
    • successfully completing AIADR Course Module 3 and Module 4
    • Passing Recognised Courses equivalent to Module 3 and Module 4 from the list of approved institutions
  3. Either one of these:
    • Possess relevant working experience in dispute resolution of no less than seven (7) years
    • Passed the interview by the Council appointed Board
  4. Requires either one:
    • Passed the Award Writing Examination of the Institute for arbitrator route, or Adjudication Decision Writing Examination for Adjudication route, or Settlement Agreement Drafting Examination for mediator route, or Expert Evidence Drafting examination for expert route
    • Have written at least 2 awards or decisions or settlement agreements or expert witness reports respectively and gained an exemption from sitting for the Writing Examination by Council
    • passed the ADR Services User Module assessment and examination (for ADR services user segments route for professionals like In-house Counsels, SCM Managers, QS, Corporate Secretaries, Administrators, Contracts Managers etc)
  5. Receive special Council exemption
Satisfies all of these criteria:
  1. Has been a Fellow of another international institute recognized by AIADR to be of equal standard and qualifications as for the Fellow of the Institute; and
  2. Passed the interview by the Council appointed Board or received special Council exemption

What are the benefits?

  • The use of post-nominal letters “FAIADR”
  • Voting rights during AIADR General Meetings
  • Potential to join panel of certified practitioners
  • Participate & Chair in AIADR Committees & events
  • Eligible for election for Governance Council
  • Represent AIADR in external Committees and events
  • Publishing of own articles through AIADR’s website, newsletter and journal
  • Participation in discussion forums, moots and talks on special topics by experts in different jurisdictions
  • Priority of registration and member rates for courses, training and events by AIADR
  • Free subscription to AIADR newsletter and journal
  • Network with other members regardless of membership levels

How much will it cost?

  • One-time registration fee US$50 + Annual Fee US$150

    (*1st year annual fee would be pro-rated based on date of application)

Membership validity?

  • Fellow membership would have to be renewed annually on 1 January of each year

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