Who is this for?

ADR or legal practitioners who have accumulated enough experience and would like to progress in the ADR forum with a view of qualifying for fellowship or panel certification.

How to qualify?

Choose one of the routes below:

Route 1: Practicing lawyers

Practicing lawyers, solicitors, barristers, in-house counsels with minimum 10 years’ experience and with 3 years in ADR forums

Route 2: ADR practitioners

Minimum 5 years of working experience relevant to alternative dispute resolution with good knowledge in arbitration, mediation and adjudication

Route 3: Courses

Successfully completing Module 1 and Module 2, or passing Recognised Courses equivalent to Module 1 and Module 2 from the approved list of institutions

Route 4: Equivalent membership

Has been a Member of another international institute recognized by AIADR to be of equal standard and qualifications as for the Member of the Institute

What are the benefits?

  • The use of post-nominal letters “MAIADR”
  • Voting rights during AIADR General Meetings
  • Potential to join panel of practitioners
  • Participate in AIADR Committees & events
  • Publishing of own articles through AIADR’s website, newsletter and journal
  • Participation in discussion forums, moots and talks on special topics by experts in different jurisdictions
  • Priority of registration and member rates for courses, training and events by AIADR
  • Free subscription to AIADR newsletter and journal
  • Network with other members regardless of membership levels

How much will it cost?

One-time registration fee US$25 + Annual Fee US$100

(*1st year annual fee would be pro-rated based on date of application)

Membership validity?

Member membership would have to be renewed annually on 1 January of each year


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