Adhoc Forum 2021: Seeking Private Justice in Times of Crisis


June 16, 2021    
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Thematic Focus

The focus is to explore the application and development of ad-hoc arbitration in times of crisis. Together with leading practitioners, academics and officials, the Forum will provide an overview of ad-hoc arbitration, examine its significance, recognition, and suitability of application across jurisdictions. The Forum will witness the participation of leading international experts from around the world and will be attended by regional users, corporations, industrial players, practitioners, and learners.

Learning Objectives

i. To introduce AIADR role as an institution providing case administration, appointment and financial management services under its AIADR Ad Hoc Arbitration Rules on Appointment, Case Administration & Financial Management.

ii. To discuss the current development and relevance of ad hoc arbitration domestically and internationally.

iii. To obtain the regional and industrial experiences and perspective of current issues on arbitration.

via Zoom webinar, Facebook Live and AIADR website

Free of charge


Topics & Speakers

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