Ep 4: Negotiation Role Play


October 11, 2021    
All Day

The Fourth Episode of Settling Disputes in Construction Industry: A Practical Guide to Mediation by AIADR , we have law students from UOWMKDU Tan Wey May, Kenn Chan, Jehan Nazeeha Jeffry and Wong Ai Yu to showcase how negotiation works in construction disputes. This negotiation role play reflects the common disputes that’s often faced by contractors in Malaysia, and also how negotiation is different from Mediation. The process of negotiation and mediation is relatively similar by the concepts of legal professional privilege and without prejudice, hence often caused confusion to their differences. However, negotiation in comparison to mediation is a relatively informal process involving the discussion of some or all of the issues in a case with a view to resolve them on agreed terms without a mediator.

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