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Any individual who is fit and proper person in all respects and satisfies the Council that the person is committed to the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and is duly qualified to be eligible for the grade of Associate Member of the Institute. The desired minimum qualifications and experience criteria are including but not limited to the following:
  • A degree in Law with good grades and have completed the internship if applicable and minimum 2 years post university qualification experience in any organization; or
  • A degree from internationally recognized university in any other field of professional studies; and
  • Have successfully completed the Entry Course Module-1 of AIADR either online or through classroom session conducted by AIADR or approved recognized training institution in the list of “AIADR Approved List of Courses and Institutions,” in Schedule-2.

First Year Fee (Processing Fee + Annual Fee): $50

Annual Renewal Fee: $50

Prorated membership’s first year annual fee based on date of application. Proration does not apply on membership’s processing fee:

1 January to 31 March – full year subscription rate

1 April to 30 June – 75% of the fee

1 July to 30 September – 50% of the fee

1 October – 31 December – 25% of the fee

All membership expires 31 December of each year.

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The below information will be used to assess your level of experience and knowledge in alternative dispute resolution. It will help to attribute the correct membership grade to you.


Please provide the details of all courses taken and/or examinations passed in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Certified True Copies of all certificates listed herein shall be submitted with the Application Form.

Qualifications 1

Qualifications 2

Qualifications 3

Qualifications 4

Qualifications 5

Qualifications 6

Qualifications 7

Qualifications 8

Qualifications 9

Working Experience

Please provide the details of all working experiences.

Works 1

Works 2

Works 3

Works 4

Works 5

Works 6

Works 7

Works 8

Works 9

ADR Experience

Professional Licenses and Memberships

Professional Licenses and Memberships 1

Professional Licenses and Memberships 2

Professional Licenses and Memberships 3

Professional Licenses and Memberships 4

Professional Licenses and Memberships 5

Professional Licenses and Memberships 6

Professional Licenses and Memberships 7

Professional Licenses and Memberships 8

Professional Licenses and Memberships 9

Language Skills

Stating a language other than your native language means that you are fluent enough to arbitrate in such language.

Language Skills 1

Language Skills 2

Language Skills 3

Language Skills 4

Language Skills 5

Language Skills 6

Language Skills 7

Language Skills 8

Language Skills 9


Statement of Veracity and Understanding

Upload documents

Please upload following documents

  1. Copy of National Identity Card
  2. Copy of Passport Main Particulars Page
  3. Photograph

Processing fee is non refundable.


I confirm that I have read and am fully aware of my rights under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (as amended). I understand that if I become a member of the AiADR, I may be allocated to a Branch (and a Division), which has/have been established at the address I provided in this membership Application Form. I grant my consent to the AiADR to transfer all information submitted on this form and in annexes or attachments thereto, if any, to a Branch and a Division.

I further consent to receiving information about the relevant activities of the AiADR as well as a Branch and a Division I will be allocated to, if any, and that the AiADR shares my contact information with carefully selected, relevant third parties for joint activities between the AiADR and such third parties (e.g. joint organisation of events, joint courses, etc.).

I accept that the Private Data Protection Policy of AiADR as available on its website will be applicable to my membership.


I hereby apply for membership with the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution (AiADR). If admitted, I pledge to comply with the Constitution and all other Regulations of the AiADR, as can be found at, including any subsequent amendments and/or revisions that may be made from time to time. I confirm that I have reviewed the Constitution and the Regulations of the AiADR.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information I provided above is accurate. I understand that if I make any false statements, submit false information or fail to disclose information requested in this application, I will be subject to disciplinary actions according to the Constitution and other Regulations of the AiADR, as amended from time to time.

I understand that my membership subscription rates depend on my grade of membership as set forth in the AiADR Membership Regulations and as can be found on the website at Based on the information provided and documents submitted in support of my application, I will be assigned the highest membership grade possible. I understand that if I select a higher membership grade than the one that can be assigned to me, I will be assigned a lower membership grade.

Once admitted as a Member, I request that you issue me a Membership Certificate. I agree that the Certificate will remain the property of the AiADR and I undertake to return the Certificate if I cease to be a Member of the AiADR.

I am aware that I am entitled to use the post-nominal designatory letters only if I have paid my annual subscription fees and I undertake not to use the post-nominal designatory letters if I have not paid my fees for the respective calendar year and/or upon ceasing to be a Member of the AiADR.

I hereby pledge my unconditional commitment to abide by the Code of Conduct and Code ofo Ethics (collectively referred as CCE_ applicable to all members of AiADR. I futher accept that any breach of the CCE will result in a disciplinary action to be taken by the AiADR Governing Council.

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